Sunday, July 20, 2008

This Blog's Reading Level

Apparently, my blog has a high reading level. My wife pointed this out to me. She was not too happy with that, because she had received a Junior High Level. I tried to explain that a lower level can be better. You can reach a broader audience, and it's easier to read. Though I think the that irritates her the most about it that I ask her to look over my entries. I miss mistakes often. It's probably due to my dyslexia.

Check this place out if you want. I am not sure how its algorithm works. It might consider sentence and paragraph length. It also might consider things like word choices. If you use lots of longer, less-used words. I am curious how this works. Just don't follow my wife's example and be disappointed if it does not rate how you would like it.

blog readability test


Cris said...


sanctus.liberalis said...

Sorry, if it seems that way. I find it ironic and amusing, because I am dyslexic.

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