Wednesday, February 7, 2007

WARNING: Disclaimer

I'd like warn everyone reading my blog that I am a conservative Episcopalian or Anglo-Catholic as some have called me. I live in the Biretta Belt, and my beliefs reflect part of what that entails. While you may disagree with my opinions, I would appreciate if you would not post nasty comments or insults. If you disagree with what I have to say, my recommendation to you is debate them with me. I doubt that my beliefs will be easily swayed. I do not just believe what I do because I was told what to believe. I also do not believe what I do because it feels right. I actually do research into the different aspects of my faith and why the church canon states what it does, and for the most part my faith is stronger for it.

At times I will write an explanation for a different belief or faith. That does not mean I follow those beliefs myself. They will be simply described as an interesting thought.

Also, I am dyslexic, so sometimes I misspell words or leave them out altogether. I do reread my entries before I post them. I reread them several times to check if they make sense. I do still make mistakes. Please do not assume I am stupid due to this. You can certainly think I am stupid for other reasons. I will try to correct things as I find them. :)